Integrated Care

Homebirth is not for everyone. Some of my clients choose to birth in the hospital because it is where they feel most comfortable, and others require a hospital birth due to a medical complication or risk factor. Whatever the reason, midwifery care can still play a central role in your journey, regardless of your birthing location.


Integrated care offers the best of both worlds: the technology and resources of the hospital, with the personalized care and connected relationship that only midwifery can offer.

How it Works

I will provide standard prenatal care appointments. Each appointment is an hour in length so that we can talk through your concerns, build trust, and prepare for your birth. I offer the standard of care in tests and procedures, and informed choice is a guiding principal of the care I provide.

Once you are in labor, I will meet you at home and support you until it’s time to go into the hospital. I can provide fetal heart tone monitoring, check your vital signs, and, if desired, I can provide cervical dilatation exams to help you decide on the appropriate time to head into the hospital. Alternately, I can meet you at the hospital if you are going in early. Once at the hospital, I will remain by your side and provide continuous doula support.

Once you return home after the birth, we will resume postpartum care. This will include appointments on day one, day three, one week, two weeks, four weeks, and six weeks. At each visit I will:

  • Weigh your baby and track their growth and development

  • Provide education on newborn care

  • Give breastfeeding advice and support

  • Monitor your vitals

  • Check that your uterus is healing normally

  • Evaluate the healing of any birth lacerations

  • Provide emotional support and counseling

  • Give nutritional advice

  • Assess your overall wellbeing, and make recommendations for your continued healing

The postpartum is a vulnerable time that requires a lot of care, support, and nourishment. This depth of care is often neglected by the hospital system, and working with a midwife can help bridge the gaps in your healthcare.


Interested in working with a midwife for your planned hospital birth? Contact me to set up a complimentary consultation!