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Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum are times of deep transformation. Midwifery care offers you individualized support, with attention to the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your parenting journey.

Emunah means “faith” in my ancestral language of Hebrew. I have deep faith in your ability to birth your baby and care for your family in a way that is authentic to who you are. Our culture has inundated us with doubt in the innate power and wisdom of our bodies. I am here to remind you: you are stronger than you ever imagined.

Throughout pregnancy, during childbirth and during postpartum El was with me, supporting me emotionally, attuning to my needs and desires and fully respecting them and when I doubted my self and my strength during child birth she was there reminding me of my strength and my courage. We developed a deep connection which helped me process this amazing experience and transformation in the most healing way possible. El was always full of hope in my ability to birth my baby and respected my choices of how I wanted to birth my baby. She was aware and respectful of our intersectionalities, cultures, religions and our parenting philosophies. El understood what this birth meant for me: reproductive and racial justice and she fully supported all my needs and requests about decolonizing my childbirth experience and in return gaining my power back. Birthing my second child at home, surrounded by calmness, compassion and love was precisely what I had dreamt.
— Klea S.
El Tarver LM, CPM

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