Prenatal Care

Prenatal visits are a time of education, deepening our connection, supporting you in optimizing your physical and emotional wellbeing, and preparing for the birth of your child. Pregnancy is a journey of visioning and creating a foundation for the future with a new addition to your family. It is also a time of deepening presence and grounding. Midwifery care is the container for this process to unfold. I follow the standard schedule for prenatal appointments: once a month until 28 weeks, every two weeks until 36 weeks, and then weekly until your give birth (with additional care and flexibility as indicated). Each appointment is typically one hour in length.

El Tarver midwife prenatal care

Prenatal Care includes:

-Physical assessment

-Belly checks (measuring growth, checking fetal heart tones, and evaluating baby’s position)

-Nutritional counseling

-Standard labwork

-Genetic counseling and screening (if desired)

-Emotional and spiritual preparation for the birth

-Referrals for ultrasounds and physician consultation (if indicated or desired)

Labor and Birth

In labor, I will provide physical and emotional support, as well as physical assessment of you and your baby. Labor and birth is a journey of surrender, opening, and releasing. You are welcome to have as many or as few people with you during your birthing process as you wish. You can birth in any position that feels comfortable and supportive to you. You are encouraged to eat and drink, move, express, and meet the labor with your own intuitive wisdom. Homebirth offers the comfort and privacy of being in your own space, with the safety and knowledge of the tools and experience that your midwife provides. I bring a second midwife to assist me when you are nearing the end of labor, so that you have two sets of skilled hands available. In the moment of welcoming your baby, your birth team will be quietly watchful and will help create the environment to truly facilitate bonding from the very beginning.

Water birth

Labor and Birth care includes:

-Respectful guidance throughout the physiologic birthing process

-Continuous care throughout labor and for the first 4-6 hours postpartum

-Monitoring vitals

-Monitoring fetal heart tones

-Physical and emotional support

-Use of herbs and traditional wisdom, and the availability of medication/IVs in case of complications or emergencies

-Newborn exam

-Breast/chestfeeding support

Water Birth

Birth tub and affirmations

Water birth

Water immersion can offer tremendous relief during labor and birth. Water provides an experience of weightlessness, and the warmth soothes to support greater relaxation. Many of my clients use a birth tub during labor, and some choose to give birth in water as well. There is good evidence supporting the safety of water immersion and waterbirth. I provide a birth tub that you can set up in your space.

Postpartum Care

The postpartum is a journey of bonding, nourishing, and healing. In the conventional medical system, postpartum care is highly neglected and new parents are often left to fend for themselves without sufficient support to ensure an easeful transition into life with a new baby. I come for home visits on day 1, day 3, one week, two weeks, fours weeks, and six weeks postpartum (with more visits available if indicated).

El Tarver Newborn Exam 3

Postpartum Care Includes:

-breast/chestfeeding support

-Education on newborn care

-Nutritional counseling

-Physical assessment of both the parent and baby

-Weight checks for baby

-Emotional and spiritual support

-Herbal remedies to support healing and comfort

-Standard newborn tests and procedures, if desired

Informed Choice

El Tarver Hybrid Care

Informed Choice means:

Informed choice is a key principal of all of the care that I provide. At each step, I will provide a comprehensive overview of your options so that you can make an informed decision that is best for your family. I will always view you as the truest expert on your own body and life, and will offer support and guidance in the many decisions that come with pregnancy, birthing, and parenting. Respect, dignity, and autonomy are values that I hold close to my heart, and are at the core of my midwifery practice.

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