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Doula Care

I am exclusively offering doula services through the Golden Gate Doula Associates.

I was trained as a doula in 2010 through the organization DONA International, and served many families as a doula before, during, and after my midwifery training began. Doula care is the practice of providing emotional, physical, and informational support during pregnancy, labor, and birth. The package for birth doula support includes:


A complementary consultation where we can get to know each other and see if we are a good match.

Prenatal Visits

I will make two home visits to help you prepare for the birth and provide education regarding the pregnancy, the labor, and the postpartum time. In our prenatal visits, we will begin to cultivate a trusting relationship, and I will get to know you and members of your family or support team who may also be with you at the birth.  We will discuss, in detail, your preferences for the labor, birth, and immediate postpartum period, and how you envision being supported through this journey. I will share evidence-based information, as well as knowledge acquired from years of experience, to help inform your decision making. We will also practice relaxation techniques to help you get centered in your body in preparation for the birth. The goal of prenatal planning is to help you gain clarity on your own hopes and vision for the birth, and to create a centered sense of empowerment and connection that will ground you during the birth.


I will be on-call three weeks before and after your due-date (sooner for twins). I will be available by phone at any hour, and will join you once you are in labor and desire support. Once I arrive, I will remain with you through the duration of your labor and for the immediate postpartum period to help initiate breastfeeding (if you choose to) and bonding with you sweet baby. Throughout this time I will provide uninterrupted support for you and whoever you choose to have with you at the birth.

Photography by Heidi Sandoval

Photography by Heidi Sandoval

Postpartum Visit

I will make two postpartum visits within the first few weeks after delivery. The purpose of these visits is to debrief the birth experience, answer questions about feeding and caring for your newborn, and to support you in making a smooth transition into life with a new baby!


Interested in finding out more and seeing if we are a good fit? Contact me to set up a consultation!